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September 18 (Sun) - 23 (Fri), 2022

Busan, Republic of Korea

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Transportation: From Incheon to Busan

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By airport limousine bus

Purchase limousine bus tickets, and get information at the bus ticketing office: Exit 4, 9 (Indoors), Exits 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13 and 9C (Outdoors)

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Airport Limousine bus
Bus stop Bus Travel Time First
Interval Fare
6A,12B Limousine Standard (6014,6003) 30min 05:35 22:46 5~10mins. KRW 3,500
(approx. USD 3.14)
3B,10A Limousine Deluxe
30min 05:10 21:00 10~20mins. KRW 7,000
(approx.USD 6.28)

By Train AREX(Airport Express)

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AREX(Airport Express) station is located on B1 of the Transport center

AREX(Airport Express) station is located in B1 floor of Transport Center.
Departure Airport Railroad station → B1 or 2nd floor of Transport Center → 3rd floor of Passenger Terminal → Airline Check-in Counter
Arrival 1st floor of Passenger Terminal → B1 floor of Passenger Terminal → Transport Center → Airport Railroad Station

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Domestic airlines from Gimpo Domestic Airport to Gimhae (Busan) Domestic Airport

Domestic Airlines from Gimpo Domestic Airport to Gimhae(Busan) Domestic Airport.
Time First
Interval Farel
Air Busan 55min 06:50 20:00 60mins. KRW 67,400
(approx. USD 60)
Korean Air 55min 07:00 20:30 60mins. KRW 71,900
(approx. USD 64)

A. Travel Information to Busan

There is no direct train from Incheon Airport to Busan, so passengers need to get to Seoul Station first and then travel from Seoul Station to Busan Station. From Busan Station there is a short subway ride to reach the BEXCO center where the conference is being held (and the hotels nearby). The entire trip from Seoul Incheon Airport to the BEXCO Conference Center in Busan will take you approximately 5 hours.

First: Travel From Incheon International Airport To Seoul Station

There are 2 options when going to Seoul Station, by subway or by AREX Airport express train. The travel time and cost is fairly similar, but the express train is far more comfortable than taking the subway.

Subway – 59 minutes

To go by subway from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station you’ll need a transportation card. This card can be topped up and used on any form of public transportation in the whole of Korea. It is recommended to buy this card online and pick it up when arriving at Incheon Airport. You can also buy the card in any convenience store using cash.

The subway between Incheon Airport Terminal 1 or 2 leaves every 15 minutes. The first train leaves around 05:23 and the last one around 23:39. The subway ride takes around 59 minutes.

AREX – 43 minutes

If you want to travel comfortably then taking the AREX appears the best option. The ride between the airport and Seoul station takes only 44 minutes and each passenger has its own comfortable chair and there is free WiFi on the train. It is recommended to buy tickets for the AREX online as it is cheaper that buying it on site. The AREX goes once or twice an hour.

Second: Travel From Seoul Station To Busan Station

Upon arrival at Seoul Station, make your way to the ground floor or follow the signs which mention the KTX Station. The KTX is a high speed train going up to 305km/h and is the fastest way of going to Busan from Seoul (less than 3 hours). The KTX station in Busan is located on the Orange Line 1 subway and is well connected to the rest of the city. The first train leaves from Seoul station around 5 AM and the last train leaves around 10.30 PM.

Third: Travel From Busan Station to BEXCO and Nearby Hotels

The Busan Subway can be taken from Busan Station, with only one transfer. Once you arrive in Busan Station, find the subway by first going upstairs and into the main train station, then continue past the information desk to find the escalator down to the subway. Look for the Orange Line 1 subway to Seomyeon, a ~15 minute ride. Once at Seomyeon Station, get off the subway train and look for Green Line 2, toward Haenaeda. Take the Green Line 2 subway train to Centum Station (hotels) or BEXCO Station (conference center), which is approximately another ~15 minute ride.


• KTX (Korea Train Express) is a high speed rail express train that connects Incheon Airport to Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, Mokpo, Yeosu, and other cities.
• For route information, reservations, and confirmations, please visit the Korail homepage.

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Line Map

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Seoul to Busan Train Journey Information

Direct Trains per day Train companies
Direct Approx. 119 Korail
Train fares Average duration Shortest duration
(KRW)59,800 3h 31m 2h 15m

B. Information Desk

There will be an information desk available specific to the 7IMDC at the Incheon International Airport and at the Busan Train Station on Saturday 17 September and Sunday 18 September. If you have any questions or issues during your travel, please stop by the information desk.


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By direct bus to Busan

• Purchase limousine bus tickets, and get information at the bus ticketing office.
• Take a limousine bus at bus stop 10C

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• For more information on buses, please contact operators of individual bus routes
• For complaints about buses, please contact individual bus operators or city or provincial government customer service centers.
• Passengers can purchase or recharge transportation cards at convenience stores located in the passenger terminal.

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