September 18 (Sun) - 23 (Fri), 2022

Busan, Korea

Travel Awards

The 7IMDC is pleased to offer a limited number of travel awards to help enable the participation of those who may not otherwise be able to attend the conference.

Each Travel Award application will be assessed individually on their own merits, with the following considerations:

  • 1. Active participation in the conference is required, for example by being the co-chair of a Technical Session or a speaker in a Technical Session (i.e. having submitted an abstract which was accepted in any given Technical Session).

  • 2. A central goal of the 7IMDC Travel Awards is to maximize the diversity and representation of the conference, therefore participants from under-represented countries (including low-income countries or small island developing states) as well as from indigenous groups may be given priority.

  • 3. To ensure the voices of the next generation are heard, students and youth will be considered separately from other applicants, with a certain number of awards set aside for them.

Travel Awards may come in the form of full or partial awards, with the stated objective of facilitating the participation of as many attendees as possible within the limited resources available. A Travel Award may cover the conference registration fee, airfare to Korea, hotel accommodation, a daily stipend to help cover lodging and food, or a combination of these.

We ask that you consider which costs related to the conference you may be able to take on yourself and include this in the relevant section of the application form. Smaller award requests may be more likely to be approved, and all-inclusive awards will be uncommon.

The deadline to submit an application for a Travel Award is Friday, 03 June 2022. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by 30 June 2022.

Thank you for your interest in the 7IMDC, we hope to see you in Busan later this year regardless of the outcome of your travel award application.

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